Men's Jumper

  1. Crew Neck Jumper: This style has a round neckline and is one of the most classic and versatile designs.

  2. V-Neck Jumper: Featuring a V-shaped neckline, this style is often considered more formal than a crew neck and is suitable for layering over collared shirts.

  3. Turtleneck Jumper: This style has a high, close-fitting collar that covers the neck. It provides extra warmth and is often worn in colder weather.

  4. Quarter-Zip Jumper: This type of jumper has a zipper extending a quarter of the way down the front, allowing for adjustable ventilation.

  5. Cardigan: While not exactly a jumper, a cardigan is a similar type of garment that opens in the front with buttons or a zipper. It can be worn open or closed.

When choosing a men's jumper, consider the material, style, and the occasion for which you plan to wear it. Wool jumpers are excellent for insulation and warmth, while cotton or synthetic materials may be more suitable for milder weather. Additionally, pay attention to the fit, as some jumpers are designed to be more relaxed, while others have a more tailored fit.

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