Men's Shırt

Dress Shirts: Generally designed to be worn at formal events. It is made of thin fabric and is usually used with a tie.

Casual Shirts: These are the types of shirts that offer a more comfortable style and are preferred for daily wear. They can be made from more comfortable fabrics such as cotton, denim or linen.

Flannel Shirts: These are shirts made of thick and soft fabrics used to provide warmth in cold weather conditions. It is generally preferred in winter months.

Polo Shirts: Polo shirts, usually short-sleeved and made of cotton fabric, have a more sporty style. It is frequently used in daily wear.

Denim Shirts: These shirts, made of denim fabric, are generally preferred for casual wear and combined with jeans or shorts.

Oxford Shirts: Made from a thicker and more durable fabric, these shirts are often used for business or casual wear.

Shirts can often be found in different colors and patterns, which can vary depending on personal preferences and intended use. Brand preferences, sizes, and style also vary based on personal preferences.

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